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Pulla’s Marketplace 2014

During my lengthy real estate career, I've come to realize that change is the only constant in life and in the past few years we've seen a lot of changes indeed. However, the good news is that the challenging economic events of the past decade gave birth to the “Age of Value” and with it a new “Psychology of Value” appeared in the marketplace. While in the past hiring a sales representative to assist you with your real estate purchases was “no big deal”; the contemporary home buyer demands and deserves professional quality service at an affordable price.

Today’s purchasers require a real estate broker who expertly addresses their business needs and makes the process of buying and selling real estate a pleasant and rewarding experience. They need a broker who is a capable facilitator not a “pitchman”. They want a professional with the knowledge, ability and personal resources to formulate and implement tailor-made strategies that create the momentum necessary for a successful real estate transaction.

To accommodate this emerging attitudinal shift, I’ve developed a pro-active home buying plan which is backed by a worldwide state of the art technological infrastructure and referral network. Also, I have the ability and resources to provide my clients with a varied menu of unparalleled quality real estate service.

Enclosed for your consideration please find a Summary of Professional Experience together with some additional brochures which indicate the level of expertise and professional commitment you can expect, should you ever need the assistance of a professional real estate broker. I know the real estate business and look forward to being of service.

To learn more about my pro-active home buying plan call me on my direct line at 905.373.1980. It just might be one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.

Have a great day!


Knowledge, experience, professionalism — at your fingertips.

In real estate, knowledge is king

There’s a reason Tony and his Team have been named “Northumberland County’s Leading Real Estate Sales Team” for the past 19 years.*  Simply put, they’re the leaders.

Tony knows

Over forty years of buying and selling homes speaks for itself. It speaks to a foundation of knowledge, about every neighbourhood in the County — every main street, back street, side road, cul-de-sac, water view, hill view, beachfront and heritage treasure.

Not to mention the value of the hands-on, been-there-done-that knowledge of thousands of homes in the County — Tony has gotten up-close and personal with more kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, attics, basements, roofs and foundations than most realtors could hope to see in a lifetime.

Not only does Tony know real estate inside and out, he also manages and markets the largest inventory of "resales" and "new homes" in Northumberland County. His dedicated Team makes sure this wealth of information and knowledge is always at your fingertips.


*Based on MLS statistics from the local real estate board (1995-2013)



When buying a home, you need to know as much as possible and you certainly don’t take it lightly. Neither does the Pulla Team.

Tony’s success has been built on the hard work of a team of knowledgeable professionals who treat every client, every customer, every detail and every step of every transaction with the utmost care and attention – guaranteed!

Buyer service highlights

  • More listings than any other realtor in Northumberland, including detailed photography, floor plans and 360º virtual tours
  • A team of licensed assistants to help you with your needs and keep you regularly updated with new information
  • Efficient, expedient and thorough service throughout property viewings, offers and negotiations
  • Well-known to other qualified professionals in the area — including home inspectors, mortgage lenders and real estate lawyers
  • Strong business relationships with local developers and builders of new homes and condos